About Us

Roebling Kitchen provides co-working space for foodies.  Our professional grade, shared commercial kitchen facilities enables food entrepreneurs in key metropolitan centers to define, design, create, produce and distribute commercially viable products, in keeping with the food industry’s highest standards. We provide all the necessary ingredients to ensure food entrepreneurs can go from concept to production in record times, from business and product development to distribution. 

Our unique “foodie ecosystem” connects food entrepreneurs to distributors, brokers, wholesale distributors, foodservice players, retailers, print and digital media, TV and food entertainment businesses, as well as sources of technology, funding and growth.  Importantly, we also provide an abundant supply of well-trained veterans, ex-offenders, intellectually disabled adults, and others skilled at food preparation, at reasonable cost, in our 24x7 secure, high-tech facilities and operations.  While our social mission is vital to our model, our goal is simple: profits and growth.